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Music: Books, Reference Books, Theses

Key locations


  • Most music books are shelved on Level 5 of the Hartley Library (ML-MT call numbers).
  • A further collection of essential books for your courses is in the Course Collection (Level 2).
  • We have a large and growing number of e-books about music.
  • Key call numbers for music are listed here
Call Number     Subject     
M Music scores
ML-MT Books about music

Floor plans

  • The main Music score sequence is at M, and the books are at ML-MT, both on Level 5.
  • On Level 3 you will find some key music reference books in the Reference Collection.
  • Many of your high-demand books for courses are in the Course Collection on Level 2. 
  • Consult the relevant floor plan for locations:

Call Numbers Explained

When you enter the details of the item that you want on the library catalogue, it will display a call number or code that tells you where the item is shelved. The call number will usually look something like these examples:

M 1 BEE (for scores)

ML 240.3 PES (for books about music)

Classical B Beethoven (for a CD)

Although the codes look different, they work in much the same way: i.e. the combinations of letters and numbers gives a location based on the subject content of the item. The items are arranged on the shelves using the call numbers. The library floor plan will show you where items with particular call numbers are shelved.

Music Reference Books

In addition to the electronic reference books listed below there is a collection of printed reference books about music in the Reference Collection on Level 3, including: the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (also available electronically) and The Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Theses and Dissertations

PhD/ MPhil theses

  • the library holds print copies of all University of Southampton doctoral level theses; these are listed on WebCat
  • many of these are now also available online from ePrints Soton

Undergraduate/ taught masters dissertations

  • a limited number of these are held in the library
  • for most subject areas students should ask at their Faculty Office for access
  • there are more details about finding theses available

Other Universities' Theses

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