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About a Boy [Rated 12A]
Adventures of Pinocchio (The) [Rated U]
Ali [Rated 15]
Alien Vs Preditor [Rated 15]
Antz [Rated PG]
Around the World in 80 Days [Rated PG]
Big Man (The) [Rated 18]
Blind Flight [Rated 15]
Blow [Rated 18]
Boys Don't Cry [Rated 18]
Braveheart [Rated 15]
Bridges of Madison County (The) [Rated 12A]
Brothers of the Head [Rated 18]
Business (The) [Rated 18]
Catch that Kid [Rated PG]
Cider House Rules (The) [Rated 12A]
The Dancer Upstairs [Rated 15]
Devil Wears Prada (The) [Rated PG]
Divorce (Le) [Rated 12]
Doctor Dolittle [Rated PG]
Dracula 2000 [Rated 15]
Dying Young [Rated 15]
East is East [Rated 15]
Elizabeth [Rated 15]
Elizabethtown [Rated 15]
Endgame (2008) [Unrated]
Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain (The) [Rated PG]
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind [Rated 15]
Father of the Bride [Rated PG]
Fight Club [Rated 18]
Football Factory (The) [Rated 18]
Force of Evil [Rated PG]
Four Weddings and a Funeral [Rated 15]
Full Monty (The) [Rated 15]
Get Real [Rated 15]
Ghosts of Mars [Rated 15]
Girl, Interrupted [Rated 15]
Girl from Rio [Rated 15]
Hallo Panda [Unrated]
Hotel Rwanda [Rated 12A]
Hitch [Rated 12A]
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The) [Rated PG]
Hitler - The Rise of Evil - Episode 1 [Unrated]
Howards End [Rated PG]
I, Robot [Rated 12A]
I Witness [Rated 15]
It's a Very Muppet Christmas [Rated U]
In America [Rated 15]
The Interpreter [Rated 12A]
JFK [Rated 15]
Keeping up with the Steins [Rated 12A]
The Lady from Shanghai [Rated PG]
Last King of Scotland (The) [Rated 15]
Late night shopping [Rated 15]
Lucky Number Slevin [Rated 18]
Men of Honor [Rated 15]
Merchant of Venice (The) [Rated PG]
Million Dollar Baby [Raded 12A]
Mischielf Night (The) [Rated 15]
Missing [Rated 15]
My Best Friend's Wedding [Rated PG]
Negotiator (The) [Rated 15]
Nil By Mouth [Rated 18]
Oliver Twist [Rated U]
On a clear day [Rated 12A]
Opera Jawa [Rated 12A]
Others, The [Rated 12A]
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest [Rated 12A]
Phone Booth [Rated 15]
Planet of the Apes [Rated 12A]
Pretty Woman [Rated 15]
Quiet American (The) [Rated 15]
Rainmaker (The) [Rated 15]
Renaissance [Rated 15]
Robots [Rated PG]
Secrets and Lies [Rated 15]
Shaft [Rated 18]
Shooting Dogs [Rated 15]
Simpatico [Rated 15]
Sisters in Law (47 minute extract) [Rated 12A]
Six Shooter [Rated 18]
Small Soldiers [Rated PG]
Snakes on a Plane [Rated 15]
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring [Rated 15]
Swimming Pool [Rated 15]
Taxi [Rated 12A]
This is England [Rated 18]
Three Seasons [Rated 12]
Transamerica [Rated 15]
Twelve Monkeys [Rated 15]
Unloved (The) [Rated 15]
Vanilla Sky [Rated 15]
Whale Rider [Rated PG]
Wind that Shakes the Barley (The) [Rated 15]

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