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University Library UX Project: Home

User-led / Touchstone tours

We’re interested in finding out what is important to you as a library user at Hartley.  You'll be invited to take a member of Library staff on a guided tour of Hartley Library.  No preconceptions, no expectations, we’re interested in how you use the library and the important stuff you would tell other students about. 

We're asking for an hour of your time on a day convenient to you.  A member of staff will meet you and the tour will be audio recorded and saved as the data for our study. You will receive £20:00 in vouchers as a reward.  Drop us an email - see the link above.

Diary studies

By asking you to keep a diary of your interactions with the physical Library spaces and other University services, we aim to build a more complete picture of how the Library fits into your University life as a whole.

Participants will complete a diary of study/research activities during three, separate one week periods in  the year. We'll let you know what you need to do in a short briefing session.

You will be given a physical journal to record your entries.  Some of the journal will be prefilled with prompts and questions specifically aimed at exploring your use of the library.  If you prefer, you can choose to email your entries instead. Participants are expected to make at least one entry per day during the allotted week. You will receive £50:00 in vouchers as a reward. Want to help us?  Send an email to the link above.

Observation studies

We're not recruiting participants for this part of the work. During Semester 2 of this academic year, our trained, specialist Library staff will continue to gather observations of the activity in the refurbished Level 3 space adjacent to the main staircase,  and will also broaden observations to include the areas in Hartley Library, close to the main staircase on Levels 1 and 4.  The intelligence we collect will inform the proposals for other phases of refurbishment later in 2017.