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Data and Statistics: Printed Statistical Publications

Guides to Statistical Publications

Although dated, the following guides will help to point you in the right direction.  Be aware that publications listed in the guides may have changed their names or ceased publication.

Guide to Official Statistics (UK)
The Office for National Statistics’ guide to tracing statistics from all official/government (and some unofficial sources) in the UK. 
Publication date: 2000
Hartley Location: HA 37.G7 COR
Health Services Library Location: st AG 2

Sources of Unofficial UK Statistics
Covers statistics not published by government.
Publication date: 2000
Hartley Location: HA 41 INT

Publication date: 1985
Health Services Library Location: st AG 2

Instat: International Statistics Sources
A comprehensive subject guide to sources of international statistical data.  That is, international sources of statistical data which cover more than one country, from both public and private bodies.
Publication date: 1995
Hartley Location: HA 41

Official Health Statistics: An Unofficial Guide
Publication date: 2000
Hartley Location: WA 900 KER
Health Services Library Location: st AG 2

Printed Statistical Publications in the Library

The Library’s  statistical collection is increasingly being made available online. However, we retain a largely historical collection in print.

The main location for printed statistics is the Hartley Library, although, other library sites hold key statistical publications in their specific subject areas. At the Hartley Library, most printed statistics are located on Level 3 and have call numbers beginning HA/.  Some other statistical publications are located with their relevant subject books or journals. 

Some UK Government statistics are located in the Ford Collection of British Official Publications on Level 3. Use Library Search to search for statistical publications at all library sites and locations. Also consider that some statistics may be collected in one off surveys published as a report or a journal article.

The Hartley Library also holds printed historical statistics.