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DelphiS: Home

Getting started - the best way to use the basic features, and making the most of the rest

What is DelphiS?

DelphiS is a single interface which allows you to discover electronic and print items in the library's collection - which includes other academic resources that we have paid subscriptions to:

At present it searches WebCat, many of our databases, and most online journal articles.

DelphiS and Law

At present, DelphiS does not have access to some external Law resources.

Follow the links:

Newspaper Articles

DelphiS finds some newspaper articles, but for more comprehensive results go directly to the databases:

When do I use WebCat?

Use WebCat:

  • if you only want to find books in the Library's own print or e-stock
  • to find a specific book on a reading list
  • for digitised course collection resources
  • to place a hold
  • to request items from stack/interlibrary loan
  • to manage your Library account

What about TDNet?

TDNet is our E-Journal catalogue. Use this if you want to access a particular journal title quickly, and/or want to locate a specific article from that journal..

If you are looking for journal articles by a particular author or on a specific topic, then go directly to DelphiS.

Other Resources not searched by DelphiS

DelphiS does not search these resources yet:

DelphiS, Engineering and Computing

DelphiS does not search these resources effectively:

DelphiS and Chemistry

Key Resources not currently searched by DelphiS:

Digitised Course Collection

These are individual journal articles or book chapters needed for specific modules which have been digitised to be accessible for students who require them.

Currently these items are not searched by DelphiS, so use WebCat to locate, and access full  text (VPN required off-campus)

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