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DelphiS: Advanced Search

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Advanced Search  eJournal Title Search

Note: you will be asked to login with your University username and password if off-campus.

Other useful links: Classic Catalogue (WebCat), Archives and Other Library Catalogues

Search Options


Boolean operators define logical relationships between terms in a search. Write them in UPPERCASE.

AND - each result contains all the search terms (the same as Find all my search terms)

OR -  each result contains at least one search term (the same as Find any of my search terms)

NOT - results do not contain the specified term(s)

AND  takes precedence over OR

Nested searches - search in brackets is carried out first:

(mouse OR rat) AND trap

Phrase searching

Enclose in quotes to search for given words in the same order and adjacent:

"black hole evaporation"


Which Search Results appear first?

Expand the Search

Also search within the full-text of the articles

Check this box in Search Options to expand the search - but use with care as it may return a great number of results, with many less relevant to the search topic.