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DelphiS: Limit Searches

Getting started - the best way to use the basic features, and making the most of the rest



Advanced Search  eJournal Title Search

Note: you will be asked to login with your University username and password if off-campus.

Other useful links: Classic Catalogue (WebCat), Archives and Other Library Catalogues

Publication Dates

Many subject areas require recent information: use the Publication Date sliders in  the left column to select required years:

Click Update when done.

Choices are recorded in the Search History.


Search Modes

To give a more focused search the default options do not check the full text of all articles for the selected term(s)

Broaden your search if required by checking this box in Search Options.

Limit Your Results

Find these limits on the left of the results screen:

Use to refine your search further.

The number of results for each selection is shown.

Choices are recorded in the Search History.