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DelphiS: Save Results

Getting started - the best way to use the basic features, and making the most of the rest

Save and Export

Want to keep a list of the items you found on DelphiS?

Click the 'Add to folder' option

See a list of the items you've saved at the right of the screen (but only three will be displayed!).

See them all in Folder View.

 Use the Tools to Print, E-mail or Save

Using the Cite button in DelphiS

You can use the  button in DelphiS to format an item in a number of referencing formats including Harvard.

If you are doing your references manually this can save you time, though minor changes may be needed to meet your academic unit or discipline's style guide.

You can also use the button to export your references directly to your reference management software (EndNote etc.).

Save to EndNote

Want to save to EndNote reference management software?

Choose 'Export' from the tools menu.

This is the default option - click 'Save' to export your selected references automatically.

Save to EndNote Online

Save to EndNote Online to access and use your references from any location. 

Make sure you have created your account with Web of Knowledge first.

Other Ways to Save

Records can be saved in other formats too:

Save with EBSCO

You can save records of useful items and your search history on the EBSCO platform.

Click the Sign in to Save option on the top bar.

Then create an account, or Login.

You can create folders within this account for different assignments etc:

these will show as options when you click 'Add to Folder', so you can save selected items directly to the correct location.

Save search histories too, and work with these on another occasion.



Tools to organise your references

Referencing software or apps allow you to collect and organise citations and references from your literature search on DelphiS - and then insert them into your document formatted in whichever style you choose.