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EndNote: EndNote Online

What does Endnote Online do?

Endnote Online enables you to store your references, and works with Word to insert citations and build a consistent reference list.  It can also help you organise your reference and store PDF files. 

You can:

  • Add details of your books, articles etc.
    • by typing in the details
    • by importing them from databases
  • Add full-text PDF files
  • Organise your references into groups
  • Use it with Word to
    • insert citations into your text
    • create your list of references in the correct referencing style

How do I access EndNote Online?

Option 1  [Preferred option]

Go directly to Web of Science: Click on Sign In and then choose Register to create your account. Once it is set up click on EndNote

As a member of the University, you are entitled to an enhanced version that provides extra features including the Southampton referencing styles.  If you register on Web of Science you will automatically have access to the enhanced version. Register when you are on campus or when connected to SVE.

See this video to find out how to create your EndNote Online account via Web of Science

Option 2

If you create an account at, you will only get access to the basic version if you log in on campus or when connected to SVE.

See this video for more information about the different types of account EndNote Online: Types of Accounts [VIDEO]

How to use Endnote Online - videos and guides

Full length class recording (1h 7min)

This is a recording of an online class and it shows how to use the major features in EndNote online. It also includes information on how EndNote online integrates with EndNote on the desktop.

You can use the table of contents to jump to different sections of the video if you are watching it in YouTube. In YouTube click on the three dots icon and then chose the option Open Transcript. You can then see the contents list for the video and you can scroll through it and click on the section that you want to jump to and watch from there.

Quick start videos


Online Chat to solve your problem

Chat with an expert to solve your problem.

  • Official EndNote Support - Chat with an expert using the online Chat Box provided on the page.
  • If the Chat service is offline then the Chat button is not visible - in this instance click on the Submit an inquiry button and then choose Ask a product or technical question or report a problem and complete the online form with as much detail as you can about the problem you are having. The Clarivate customer care and technical support team will then contact you about your problem.
  • The website also includes a Knowledge Base created by the production team to help you search to find answers to any problems you have using EndNote.

Importing in to EndNote Online

Leaving the University?

When you leave the University, you will continue to have access to the premium version of Endnote Online for 12 months following your last use on campus. 

After this your library will be downgraded to the free basic version. You will still have access to all your references and will be able to use them in Word as before.

If you registered with your university email address, you should change your email address on Endnote Online.