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Engineering: Books

Key texts

Key locations

The Hartley Library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme for subjects other than Education which uses Dewey Decimal Classification. Key locations for titles of interest to Engineering and the Environment students are listed here.

Call Number Subject
QC 200-247 Acoustics and physics
TA Civil and General Engineering
TC Hydraulic engineering
TD Sanitary and Municipal
TJ  Mechanical Engineering
TK 5000-7800 Telecommunications, signal processing
TL Automobile Engineering; Aeronautics & Astronautics
TN 600 - 799 Metallurgy
V - VM Ship Science
WV  Audiology

Floor plans

You will find most books in engineering an the environment on Level 3 of Hartley Library.

Most journals are now available online. Print journals and reports we do hold are on Level 1 of Hartley Library.


For a fuller list see the Useful Encyclopaedias and Reference Works page for engineering and the environment.

Call Numbers Explained

When you enter the details of the item that you want on the catalogue it will display a call number or code that tells you where the item is shelved.

The call number will usually look something like these examples:

TK 2380.45 GAR 

306.47 GEL 

B OCEAN (Physical) Kna 

Although the codes look different, they work in much the same way: the combinations of letters and numbers gives a location based on the subject content of the item. The items are arranged on the shelves using the call numbers.

The library floor plan will show you where items with particular call numbers are stored.

Top eBooks

Theses and Dissertations

PhD/ MPhil theses

  • the library holds print copies of all University of Southampton doctoral level theses; these are listed on Library Search
  • many of these are now also available online from ePrints Soton

Undergraduate/ taught masters dissertations

  • The Library does not normally hold undergraduate or taught masters dissertations.  University of Southampton students should enquire at their Faculty Office regarding any local arrangements for access to previous students' dissertations or final year projects.