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Finding information for your course / assignment / research
Need help finding resources specifically for your subject? Try the Subject Guides....

Searching for articles on a topic?
Search the A-Z list of all our online databases or go to your own Subject Guide for a list of subject specific databases.

Some subjects also rely on other key or special resources such as archives, artists collections, newspapers and many more ... Detailed information can be found here or from your Subject Guide.

Technical Information
Do you need information from patents, standards, data collections, conferences and technical reports? Then look here or at your Subject Guide!

... Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

By acknowledging the 'work of other people' (through referencing) you are taking steps to avoid plagiarising someone else's work. Appendix 1 of the University's Academic Integrity Statement gives a definition and examples of plagiarism.

Academic Integrity
Access the Academic Integrity Statement for advice on conducting all aspects of your academic life in a professional manner.

Referencing your work is vital.
Do you know which is the correct referencing style for your subject? Check out the guidance and support given via Reference Management Software to cite and organise your references quickly and easily.

... Academic Skills

Academic Skills
As part of the 'Learn with US' programme, these guides have been created to help develop the academic skills needed at university to be a successful student in lectures, seminars, research, essay writing and examinations.

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