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Health Services Library: About Us

Who Do We Help?

We have three "primary" groups of users:

  • Staff and students of the University of Southampton
  • All staff of the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • All staff of the Solent NHS Trust

In addition:

  • Patients and visitors to Southampton General Hospital and members of the public are welcome to use us on a reference basis
  • Members of staff in other local NHS organisations can join us, with some limited borrowing privileges
  • Students on placement in the UHS & Solent Trusts may join us, with some limited borrowing privileges

Service Standards

All the staff in the Health Services Library strive to provide excellent standards of customer service. We aim to:

  • Provide an efficient, professional and welcoming service
  • Provide an environment suitable for you to study in
  • Provide you with access to the resources you need, whether they are in our collections or not
  • Answer your enquiries swiftly and correctly
  • Provide you with the training and support that you need

If you wish to give us feedback or suggestions on how we can make improvements, please contact us:

  • Our scheduled opening hours will be displayed at all times at least one month in advance on our website:
  • We will be open for 99% of our advertised opening hours
  • All changes to opening hours will be notified on our Twitter account, @hslib
  • Where possible, changes will also be advertised in the library and on our website

We aim to respond promptly to enquiries, whether they come via email, telephone, or in person.

  • We will respond to 95% of enquiries to our library email accounts within one working weekday of receipt (this applies to our organisational accounts, not the personal accounts of our staff)
  • We will supply 98% of photocopies / scans of articles in our own collection within one working weekday of receipt
  • We will process 98% of requests for documents from outside our collections within two working weekdays
  • We will deliver 80% of requests for documents from outside our collections within four working weekdays
  • We will process 98% of all membership requests from UHSFT & Solent staff, within three working weekdays of receipt
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HSL team

health Services Library Staff Photo Sep 2018.