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Library Digitisation Unit: LDU

The Library Digitisation Unit is part of the Digital Scholarship Team and provides a digitisation and scanning service to the University of Southampton. We are currently focusing on making Faculty and Library resources available online.

Welcome to the LDU

Library Digitisation Unit staff

One of the book scanners used for digitising manuscripts and books in the LIbrary's collection

What we do

The Unit specialises in the digital capture of images and texts from a range of document types. Using high-end scanning equipment, state-of-the-art workflow software and with extensive staff experience, preservation quality digital files are generated.

The digital resources are made available on-line via existing digital libraries or from University of Southampton repositories or websites.

Documents suitable for digitisation

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Ledgers
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Manuscripts
  • Photographs

... can't see your document type here? Contact us to discuss your digitisation needs

What the Unit provides

Using state of the art scanning equipment the Library Digitisiation Unit provides:

  • tutors course materials
  • book extracts or papers for students and staff who can not visit the Libraries
  • archive resources that are not readily accessible

Benefits of digitising library stock

Digitisation of books, manuscripts and pictures is bringing to light a wealth of information that may have laid undiscovered. On-line resources provide the lecturer and researcher with new content to share and explore. New online libraries are being created by pooling digital resources from many source libraries. Digital access to fragile materials reduces management and handling and enables the original to be preserved. Pressures on prime storage space can be eased once the material has been digitised.

Turning the pages

Multi-touch kiosk

The Library shares some of its special collections with students through a multi-touch kiosk, running Turning the Pages software. Turning the Pages software makes it possible to combine digital images of a book into a digital book. The kiosk allows users to interact by touch, in a way that has become second nature from tablet and smart phone use.

Contact us

Eleonora Gandolfi - Digital Scholarship Manager

Telephone Internal x23453
Telephone external: +44 (0)23 8059 3453


Digital Scholarship Team
Hartley Library
University of Southampton
SO17  1BJ



Our digitisation equipment

Our line scanner uses a powerful camera, low temperature and LED lighting to produce extremely high quality images from originals up to A1