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Library & Learning Commons: Course Collection


Course collection resources can be borrowed overnight and are due back the next day before 11 am

Loans and borrowing

What can I borrow and for how long?

  • 3 items may be borrowed from the Course Collection at Library & Learning Commons .
  • Items borrowed during the day are due for return by 11:00 the following day.
  • Items borrowed on Fridays will be due for return by 11:00 on Monday.

Where do I return Library & Learning Commons items?

  • Course Collection items borrowed from the Library & Learning Commons must be returned to the Library & Learning Commons within the loan period specified.
  • When the Library & Learning Commons is closed books may be returned through the returns box.
  • All items apart from Course Collection can be returned at any other Library across the University.

What if I return a Course Collection item late?

If you do not return Course Collection items on time, your Library card will be blocked for one week. This means you will be prevented from borrowing or renewing any material from any of the University Library sites.

If you have any problems in returning a Course Collection item on time please contact staff at the Library & Learning Commons immediately.

How do I find and use course collection stock?

Use :

  •  has separate Course Collection search options. This is the most efficient way of searching for course material. It enables you to search for items for a specific course or lecturer, using either the course code/name, or the lecturer's name
  • all course collection items can also be found using the standard WebCat catalogue search

To view all items for a specific unit / course you should:

  • login to WebCat with your  User Name & Password
  • Select Course Collections
  • Enter the course code, e.g. HIST1080
  • Select Search by Course Code

This will produce a list of all the items (physical and online stock) held for that course. 

Accessing stock available online

Stock available online will have [electronic resource] after the title.

Select the item you wish to access.

To view or download the document, you will need to:

  • Click on the link text 'Online link to document'
  • Click on the file that follows, ending .pdf to open and view the document in full

All documents are pdf files. How these are accessed varies according to your browser.

Accessing print stock

From your search results list, selecting an item which is part of our print collection within a library will display the copy details of that item including:

  • which Library / Course Collection
  • number of copies and their availability, e.g. available, on loan
  • loan type: Course Collection items are generally Short Loan or Reference

Can I access online stock off-campus?


You will need to login to the University network through the Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE) service. 

Alternatively, you can download and save these documents whilst on campus, for access off campus.

How do I reserve Course Collection resources?

Self-service reservations

Make your own reservation using the self-service reservation option on WebCat, where reservations can be made for any time throughout the day.

Library staff will be happy to show you how to make a self-service reservation : self-service reservations placed on WebCat should be collected from the open shelves.

Library & Learning Commons Help & Information desk

Speak to staff at the Help and Information desk and we can make a reservation on your behalf, reservation time : 10.00-11.00 Monday to Friday.

You will need your University ID card and details of the item you wish to reserve : staff made reservations will be collected on your behalf and will be held behind the loans desk for the reservation period, 10.00-11.00.

Contact details

General enquiries

Telephone +44 (0)23 8059 5410

Ext. 25410

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