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Library & Learning Commons: Resources or Facilities

Humanities Resources

The collection at the Library & Learning Commons comprises:

  • Course Collection books
  • Digitised Course Collection extracts: access via Library Search
  • Course boxes
  • Film collection
  • Language learning resources

Humanities resources at the Hartley Library

  • It is essential to your studies that you use the Humanities resources at Hartley Library in addition to the material at the Library & Learning Commons. The Hartley Course Collection contains Course Collection material for music.
  • You will also find Humanities resources at the Winchester School of Art

Resources and Facilities

Audio-visual resources

A large collection of digital audio and video resources can be found at the Library & Learning Commons. 

These resources are available in Arabic, French, Chinese, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Japanase, Spanish and many non-taught languages such as Polish and Greek.

The Library & Learning Commons also holds a variety of videos and DVDs such as commercial productions and off-air satellite recordings. More Film Resources and Humanities collection can be found also at Hartley Library, Highfield Campus

Please note that some of these resources need to be used within the facilities and are not available for loan.

Computer workstations

The Library & Learning Commons offers a variety of study areas with computer workstations and laptop facilities.

Specialist language learning software

The Library & Learning Commons has a large collection of software packages relating to individual languages. These include electronic dictionaries, grammar reference and practice packages.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing facilities are available through the Library & Learning Commons. This is used for distance language learning and communication with students and staff at other universities, both in the UK and abroad.

Audio/Video editing tools

Audio and video editing software are also available in the Library & Learning Commons computer suites. The library has produced a variety of useful instructions on how to use these tools. Please refer to these guides or ask a member of our team for assistance. 

Linguistic tools

A variety of linguistic tools can also be found in the Library & Learning Commons' pcs.

Contact Details

General enquiries

Telephone +44 (0)23 8059 5410

Ext. 25410