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Loans and borrowing: Zapper Loans Service

The Loans service remains a primary Library service, with over a million items you can borrow.

Important message for users of the Zapper loan service

The library zapper loan service will halt on 3rd July 2017. We will not be able to accept any bookings after this date.

The service is being replaced with an online system that will utilise mobile devices. You can find more information on the e-learning web pages.

Equipment available

There are eight sets in total, each containing forty handheld voting devices (zappers) and one USB receiver. You can borrow one or more complete sets.

The PresenterCard enables the tutor to remotely control the PowerPoint slideshow and voting. Note that it must be linked to Turning Point before you start your presentation. Please see the printed instruction card inside each case for a step-by-step guide, or refer to the iSolutions page.

The Turning Point add-in for PowerPoint is available in all teaching rooms and can be installed on office PCs, laptops and personal computers that run Windows or MacOS.

Malfunctioning equipment

You are expected to familiarise yourself with a few simple procedures that can be used to correct malfunctions, such as ensuring that the Turning point add-in has been started. If you do run into problems, please contact ServiceLine as the Library is unable to provide any technical support.

If individual handsets don’t work, this is usually because they require ‘re-tuning’ to the correct wireless channel. See the support guide in each pack for instructions on this simple fix. Alternatively, use a spare handset and put the non-functional one in the clear zip-loc bag provided with each set.

Avoiding loss

You should ensure that your students return all the zappers at the end of the session. It is a good idea to specifically ask them to hand them back before they leave the room. Make sure that you do not accidentally leave the USB receiver in the computer when you finish.

Checking of equipment

Library staff will check the equipment each time it is returned, counting the number of handsets and making sure the USB receiver is still present. Any losses will be noted and the borrower contacted to see if they can retrieve the missing items, for example by emailing their students.

Any handsets in the clear zip-loc bag will be re-tuned to the correct wireless frequency.

Overview of the zapper loans service

Zappers, which enable electronic voting, are available for loan from the Library.

Staff and students who wish to use zappers for teaching, evaluation, outreach or research purposes can borrow sets of Turning Point equipment from the Library. Sets are currently available at the Hartley Library and National Oceanographic Library (NOC).

Requests can be made in advance by e-mailing (the Hartley Library Loans Service), or (NOC Library) listing how many sets are required, date and time for collection and date and time for return. Requests are provisional until confirmed by Library staff. Loans will normally be for a 24 hour period and borrowers must pick up and return the equipment at the Loans Desk. Borrowers are required to complete a short online survey to help us track usage.

We have available technical information and self-study training materials.

Submitting a zapper request

To request the loan of one or more sets of zappers e-mail (the Hartley Library Loans Service), or (NOC Library) listing:

  • Number of sets of zappers required
  • date and time for collection
  • date and time for return (normally within 24 hours of collection)

The request will be received by Library staff who will deal with it during office hours (Monday-Friday 8.30 -19.25) and either send you an email confirmation of the booking or a rejection if the request cannot be fulfilled. They will ensure that sufficient sets are available, and manage requests for regular repeat bookings or longer loan periods.

Collection and return of equipment

The zappers are securely stored within the Library and can only be issued and returned during the Loans Desk opening times for the Hartley Library, and 09.00-17:30 weekdays for the NOC Library.

You must collect the zapper set(s) from the Library Service Desk at the time specified. The 24 hour loan period runs from the start time specified.

The zapper set(s) must be returned to the desk where you collected them at or before the end of the loan period. Note that another person may be relying on you returning them on time, so please ensure their prompt return.

Evaluation of use

Please complete our online evaluation survey each time you borrow the zappers (or once for each repeat booking) so that we can evaluate their use and gather evidence that can support further investment. It also enables us to monitor any technical issues you might encounter so that they can be fixed sooner.

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