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Research Data Management: EPSRC Requirements

Guidance and support to staff, researchers and students at the University of Southampton

Requesting a DOI

We can register a DOI for your dataset through DataCite - this gives a persistent link and can make it easier to cite.

For more details see our DOI for data page.


Meeting EPSRC Requirements

EPSRC expect that their reward holders will:

  • Plan for their data collection, with a data management plan after receiving the award.
  • Manage their data throughout the project, keeping the necessary metadata and documentation, and establishing good data handling procedures.
  • Deposit their research data in a suitable repository and where possible make at least the record and metadata discoverable.
  • Share the data at the appropriate time, subject to restrictions required relating to confidential, commercial, sensitive or personal data.
  • Write a Data Access statement: Publications should include a statement on the availability or restrictions to access for the data (data access statement) as well as the acknowledgement of funding and grant details.
    • This is a stated expectation of the EPSRC who will be monitoring publications released after 1st May 2015
    • This is a requirement for ESRC to meet Principle 3 of their Research Data Policy (March 2015)
    • Other funders have similar requirements.

What do I need to do?

To meet the EPSRC requirements you will need to do the following:

  1. Acknowledge EPSRC as your funder in your publication.
  2. Include a data statement in your publication. See examples of data statements.
  3. Add a dataset record in our institutional data catalogue describing the data (see our guide on how to deposit in our catalogue).
  4. Deposit the data underlying the publication either in our institutional data catalogue or, if files are larger than 4Mb, elsewhere (our guide on where to deposit)
  5. Contact the Library on to request a DOI to include in your data statement

I am funded by EPSRC - what happens if I am not compliant with EPSRC expectations?

The EPSRC began checking compliance with their expectations on research data management in summer 2015: they do this by checking the availability of data under-pinning research papers published after 1st May 2015, examining the following aspects:

  1. Does the published research paper include a statement describing how to access underlying data? (this has been an RCUK-wide requirement since 2013)
  2. If there is no statement – where is the data?
  3. Is there the right type of data available?

Where the checks give rise to cause for concern, individual researchers are contacted. EPSRC also investigate any complaints about research data not being managed in line with EPSRC expectations.

EPSRC aims to embed compliance checking as part of regular grant assessment by the Research Councils Audit and Assurance Services Group (AASG). AASG might perform thorough checks on randomly selected grants for their compliance with EPSRC expectations on data sharing.

(Thanks Cambridge University and Ben Ryan from the EPSRC for the wording)

EPSRC Expectations

EPSRC has the following data expectations:


1. Be aware of RCUK principles and EPSRC expectations


2. Provide a data statement in published research papers


3. Make data as freely and openly available as possible


4. Create a data management plan (DMP)


5. Facilitate sharing of non-digital research data


6. Publish metadata to enable discovery and re-use of your data


7. Specify reason and conditions for accessing restricted data in the published metadata


8. Securely preserve data for a minimum of 10 years


9. Claim eligible costs associated with research data management

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