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Social Statistics and Population Sciences: Books

Books from Other Libraries

If you can't find the books you need, you could check the catalogues of other libraries.

It is possible to visit most other UK academic libraries by joining SCONUL Access.  You should only visit the British Library if the resources you need are not accessible from any other Library.

Key Locations

The Hartley Library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme for most subjects.  The books are arranged by codes called 'call numbers'.  Here are some of the most important call numbers.

Call Number     Subject     
H    Social sciences
HA Statistics
HB       Demography
HA/        Statistical publications
JV   Migration

Call Numbers Explained

When you find a book on Library Search you will see a call number or code that tells you where the item is shelved.

Most call numbers begin with a letter (or letters), that relates to a subject.  Numbers placed after the letters represent more specific areas within the broad subject.  The last 3 letters are the first letters of the author's surname, e.g.

HB 848 JON – Demography, Asia

JC 481 SMI – Fascism

Books are arranged first in alphabetical order of call number, then numerically, e.g. H 99 comes before H 100.

The library floor plans will show you where items with particular call numbers are stored.

Floor Plans

The H (social sciences) and J (political science) books are located on level 3 of the Hartley Library.  Other useful books may be located in other sections.  Relevant books may also be located in other University of Southampton site libraries, for example, some health books are held at the Health Services Library  (General Hospital).

Subject Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

The Library has many dictionaries, encyclopaedias and biographies, including language dictionaries, subject dictionaries and specialist encyclopaedias.  Some are in hardcopy and others online.   Below are some examples of what's online.