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Mathematical skills: Home

Introduction to mathematical skills. image: shutterstock_300116720

Mathematical skills are important for many subject disciplines and areas of study. You will need a lot of practice to develop these skills; the links below will take you to resources which will help you to develop these skills.


  • Confidence with numbers
    A Skills for Study Campus module providing self-paced tutorials covering a range of basic numerical skills.
  • Mathtutor
    Resources on arithmetic, algebra, functions graphs, sequences and series, geometry vectors and trigonometry, differentiation and integration
  • Mathcentre
    A range of resources grouped by subject discipline, topic and resource type.  Provides a good introduction to a range of mathematical skills. 
  • Maths Help
    High quality learning resources related to everyday mathematics. Covers numerical, graphical and related skills and includes activities and quizzes.
  • Khan academy for maths
    Videos, articles and quizzes on all aspects of mathematical skills
  • Statstutor
    Resources to help with statistical skills
Images used: shutterstock_300116720. Image edited by Southampton University library.

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