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Maths & Statistics Support Service

We offer support and guidance to all students at the University of Southampton on a variety of mathematical and statistical topics, to help students develop their skills and become confident in their studies. Activities available include workshops, a curated range of digital resources, drop-in support and more.

See the hyperlinks to the right to get started with resources and training for various mathematical and statistical topics.


Need more support?

If you would like some more help with a maths or stats enquiry or skill, please use the Here to help button. You can attend a drop-in event or get in touch with us for support. If you contact us online, we will need to know:

  • The problem you are working on and/or your overall objective
  • What you have attempted so far to solve it, and/or the work you have completed so far
  • Your data
  • Any resources that you have already used

Log in to Skills for Study and follow the Confidence with Numbers module to improve your numeracy skills.

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