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What is Statista?

Statista is an extensive statistics platform covering over 1.5 million data sets (and adding an additional 500 day) with revenue forecasts from 2015 to 2020 on over 400 industries. Data is collected from over 18,000 sources covering over 75,000 different topics. 


Using Statista

The resource can broken down into different elements including :

  • Statista‘s Digital Market Outlook offers forecasts, detailed market insights and key performance indicators for the most important areas of the Digital Economy, including various digital goods and services
  • Statista’s Consumer Market Outlook provides in-depth market insights, key performance indexes and forecasts for the most important consumer markets.
  • Statista's industry reports provide the facts needed to understand an industry. The reports are clearly structured, easy to understand and present not only numerical data on areas such as trends in turnover and revenue, but also on industry strengths and weaknesses. Updated annually, these reports contain the most recent and relevant data.
  • Statista's dossiers are in-house reports which contain the most recent and relevant statistics concerning a single subject. Regular updates and routine additions ensure that Statista's 4,000 dossiers are always up to date.
  • Company DB (New) allows you to find relevant information on more than 15 million privately held and up to 40,000 stock-listed companies worldwide. See the most important business information at a glance and get a grasp on industries.
  • Global Survey (New) lets you explore different country and territory data sets, topics, and target groups. 
  • Statista has a glossary which will allow users to gain a better understanding of statistical terms


5Statista offers four helpful video tutorials on:

          • Search

          • Working with data

          • Alerts

          • Favourites


Once you are logged in to the platform, visit the My Account section to find guided tours at