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Ocean and Earth Science: NOL gateway

Subject guide for oceanography and earth science.

NOL gateway

This page contains links to useful websites, online resources and freely available information.


Deep Sea Drilling


Freely available ebooks for ocean and earth science

General Websites

Guides, identification guides and species lists

Institutional Repositories

Many universities and other research organisations make their publications freely available in their institutional repository.


There are a number of ways that journals are published which will determine if you can freely access the articles that they contain online:

  • All full text content only available to subscribers
  • A mixture of articles that can be accessed by anyone (Open Access) and those only available to subscribers (content for subscribers may have a closed padlock icon beside them)
  • All full text content available to anyone (Open Access)

To find journals that make all full text content available to anyone use the Directory of Open Access Journals – this listing covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.

For journals that make some of the articles available to anyone - try going to the journal's webpage and looking through the contents list to see which articles are available as to anyone as Open Access (these may have an open padlock icon beside them)

Selected journals which make back issues freely available:

Journal of the MBA - Full-text of back issues 1887-1961

  • Old Series 1887-1888
  • Volume 1 (New Series) 1889-1890 to Volume 40 (New Series) 1961 


Selected law resources. See the Law subject page for further information about resources for law.

Libraries Online

Maps and Charts


Research Cruises

Electronic copies of National Oceanographic Centre reseach cruise reports are included on ePrints

Tide timetables