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Database Tutorials: Zephyr

Getting started with Zephyr

Further help

Zephyr has a searchable help section.  This includes demonstration videos and a glossary of terms.

Accessing Zephyr Help - log in to Zephyr, click on Help (top right) and select Zephyr help.

What does vendor mean?

The definition of vendor, and many other terms used in Zephyr, is available in the glossary (see above).

Vendor is defined as:
The entity that is offering the Target company for sale, etc. For example, when Company A buys 10 per cent of Company B from Company C,

  • Company A is the Bidder
  • Company B is the Target
  • Company C is the Vendor

Referencing Zephyr

This is the advice from  the company that  provides the database:

  • We refer to ourselves  as Bureau van Dijk
  • When citing  us as a source we prefer  that  both  our company  name and product name are included, for example, 'Zephyr, published by Bureau van Dijk'
  • We no longer  use acronyms  for our product names, such as 'financial analysis  made easy' (Fame). Instead, we simply  use the products names, i.e. Fame, Zephyr
  • We write  our product names in title  case (not uppercase)

See you referencing guide for further advice.

Access to Zephyr