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We have recently decided to discontinue this blog.

We will post any relevant Science & Engineering items on the University of Southampton Library Blog

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What's in this guide? ...

Welcome to all ECS Students and Staff in

Electrical Engineering! Electronics! ITO! Computer Science!

Start here to find your way round the maze of information available to you in this very large and diverse subject area. 

All the resources we have in the library provide a gateway to information which can enhance your work and may help improve your grades!

Use this guide to ...

  1. find out about all the useful resources that are available to you to support your studies
  2. keep up to date with what is going on in the library and in the wider world
  3. direct you to useful, academic websites

Look out for ..... help and guidance on using the resources effectively. Details of training sessions and support services are available if you need them and

Don't forget to contact me, Fiona Nichols, for further help and advice if you cannot find the answers here.


Key Databases - Google and beyond!

Don't just rely on what your tutors recommend - search independently for academic, quality information! 

Improve your marks by keeping upto date and using research from journal articles, reports and conferences. For quick and easy access to actual articles use the Databases listed below. 

Links to other useful databases can be found on the Finding Useful Articles tab in this guide.

Subject Guide

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