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History: More Resources

Historical Atlases

This is a list of historical atlases held by the Hartley Library. The majority of them are located on the shelves but some electronic atlases are also included.

Historic Digimap

Historical Statistics



Newsreel were short current affairs films shown maily in cinemas up until about the 1960s. They have become significant historical sources as they are often the only moving image record of some historical events. The Pathe newsreels are on a dedicated website (below) and JISC MediaHub (also below) gives access to British Paramount News (1931-1957), Gaumont British News (1934-1959) and Gaumont Graphic Newsreel (1910-1934)

Family History

It is worth noting that although visitors are welcome, the University Library’s main mission is to support the staff and students of the University and so there will be times when we are extremely busy doing this and therefore have to limit the time that we can give to family history queries. The guide below will give advice on resources available to you along with some tips should you need to visit us.