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Health Services Library: Internet & PCs

NHS Staff

Thirteen NHS PCs are available library. All give access to the internet, email, word processing and other relevant resources. A printer is available in the NHS E-Zone. You can only save documents to encrypted memory sticks which can be ordered by your manager.


There are sockets for laptops on the tables to the right of the library entrance. These can be used for quiet group study. There are more laptop sockets on the desks by the windows. Desks with sockets for laptops at the far end of the Health Services Library can be used for quiet study.

NHS staff can use their laptops to access their own software. If you have a Trust laptop that's been enabled you can access the Trust wireless network. Please contact for details.

University staff and students can access the University network via the Eduroam wireless connection.

University of Southampton Staff and Students

There are seven University workstations in the library and 27 workstations in the Library's worstation cluster which are available for study when the room is not used for teaching.

There are about 40 more University workstations in room AA75 in the South Academic Block at Southampton General Hospital.


Assistive Technology Service Workstations for Southampton Students

There are  four workstations available in the Health Services Library for use by any student who has registered with Enabling Services and then registered to use the facilities of the .

Assistive Technology support is available in many ways, for example help with word-processing using Microsoft Word or TextHELP; organising projects using Inspirations; screen magnification and text-to-speech software.