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Research Identifiers: ORCID

Information on public identifiers for research publications and data


An ORCID iD is a unique researcher identifier, used worldwide, that you keep throughout your life and retain even if you move institution. ORCID iDs look like a credit card number:  0000-0001-8414-9272.

It is increasingly becoming the method of choice by funders and publishers globally to unambiguously link people to their publications and grants.

You can register for an ORCID iD or to connect your existing ORCID iD with the university by using Pure. See the guide below and Chapter 13 of the Pure Manual for more details.

Your ORCID record is owned and managed solely by you, not the University.

ORCID Member Organization: Connecting Research and ResearchersORCID ID DisplayORCID Connect


What is ORCID?

Why should I have an ORCID iD? What’s in it for me?

What does ORCID membership do for Southampton?

Why should I link my ORCID iD with the University?

What does ORCID membership do for funding agencies?

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Does the University share my data with ORCID?

What data will display on my ORCID record?

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My ORCID is private information isn’t it?

What if the details that display from my account are incorrect?

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What if I move institutions?

Using Your ORCID id

When will I use my ORCID ID?

Who manages my ORCID record?

Will my ORCID record populate automatically with my research output?

How do I import my citations into ORCID?

How can I turn off email notifications of automatic updates to my profile?

How can I receive notification of new ORCID integrations and features?

Can I manually add citations to my ORCID record?

Do ORCID records support citations in non-Latin scripts?

What if I move institutions?

ORCID at Southampton

Who approved the ORCID project at Southampton?

Who should I contact for more information about ORCID at Southampton?