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Malaysia Campus: Student Resources


You will be provided with individual copies of many of your core textbooks.

Backround reading books can be found in the USMC 'Library/Study Space'. Some of the collection will be available for loan and the rest are reference only. Note - not all of these books are on Library Search; contact the Malaysia Campus staff for details.

Where available, we buy the online versions or eBooks of reading list materials. In some cases, books may only be available online - usually for background reading.


You can use our large collection of online books (some of which are included in your reading list). MyiLibrary and ebrary are two key collections, and you can search them and other collections using Library Search.

Full-text online journals

Searching key online journal collections individually can be useful, especially where we have full text access to most of the content.

Try using Library Search to search across our large collection of online journals.


These databases allow you to do a more thorough search than Library Search. They are very important for projects and dissertations. A more complete list can be found on your subject guide.