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Maps and Mapping Data: Europe

Work in progress

cogsWork to move the map collection drawers into a more appropriate order and more accessible has been completed.  The drawer locations on the attached files have been updated, but if you find the drawer number is incorrect please contact us and we will advise you on the location.

Europe (A-F)

Balkans 1:200.000 Chest 16 Map drawer 140

Cyprus Chest 16 Map drawer: 142

Europe 1:500,000 1:250,000 1:100,000 Chest 16 Map drawer: 136 -138

Finland - various scales Chest 20 Map drawer: 176

France 1:80,000 Geology Sheets 1-65

France 1:80,000 Geology Sheets 69-195 Chest 17 Map drawer: 150

France 1:50,000 Area 16-19 Chest 18 Map Drawer: 154

Hartley Library Map Collection

The Hartley Library collection of sheet maps are held in map chests located in the southern area of Level 1.  Some of the map drawers are kept locked and can only be consulted with a Librarian. No maps  can be borrowed from the Library. An A3 scanner is available on Level 1 of the Hartley Library if copies are required.
Index maps showing the map holdings for a number of the collections in the Library are available on this site and are also located in the map drawers. Listings of UK map holdings are also available on this site


Europe (G-I)

Germany 1:300,000 Census mapping  Historisch-geographischer Atlas des Preussenlandes

Germany - Geology  Chest 19 Map drawer: 162

Holland 1:100,000 1:10,000 Chest 19 Map drawer: 164

Holland 1:200,000 Map drawer: 208

Hungary Chest 16 Map drawer: 139

Europe (L-Z)

Luxembourg 1:50,000 miscellaneous Map Drawer

Malta & Gozo  Map drawer:

Portugal 1:250,000 1:50,000  Chest 19 Map drawer: 165

Sweden 1:1,000,000 Geology & economic Chest 20 Map drawer: 171

Turkey Chest 20 Map drawer: 175

USSR -various scales Chest 20 Map drawer: 176

Yugoslavia 1:100,000 Chest 20 Map drawer: 177

Yugoslavia 1:250,000  Chest 20 Map drawer: 177