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Maps and Mapping Data: Digimap

Digimap News


A new digital mapping service is currently being trialled.  Geospatial Data gives access to UK maps and mapping data covering 6 collections: Ordnance Survey, Environment, Geology, Historic, Marine and Aerial Photography.

It can be accessed from  To log-in, select the 'Map' option (at top of screen).  

August 2018

From Wednesday 1st August 2018 the University will have access to a new bundle of Digimap databases and these are:

  • Ordnance Survey (current mapping)
  • Historic
  • Geology
  • Marine 
  • Environment

As this is available under new licences the first time you log in to Digimap after this date you will need to agree to the new licences before you can access the service.

This is a standard process that happens only once a year. It is a simple additional step to the login process and does not involve re-registering any of your details. Login to Digimap as usual and follow the prompts. You will need to agree to new licences for each Collection.

October 2017

Beta version of OS ROAM

EDINA released a Beta version of the new Roam mapping client for Digimap's Ordnance Survey Collection.  It sits alongside the current version. For more information see the Digimap Blog.  To try the new version log in to Digimap.  EDINA would welcome feedback email:

Webinar series for Autumn 2017

There will be several webinars over the autumn that may be of interest.  For details see Digimap blog post.  Previous webinars are also available from the Digimap Learning Resources

May 2017

Geology Digimap now available

We are pleased to announce that our subscription to Geology Digimap has now been activated.   Go to for access to maps and data from the British Geological Survey.

January 2017

Datasets were updated in December 2016 and at the start of January 2017 for Ordnance Survey products.  Details of these can be found on the Digimap Blog.  New is the addition of OS Open Map - Local (OML), available via Roam. This gives users the ability to create maps online with a detailed, vector open dataset.

August 2016

Home page

Digimap Collections has a new style home page.  Along with the fresh new look for the start of the new academic year we have also updated the registration and licence agreement pages. The structure of the pages and access to the applications has not been changed, so you should have no problem navigating around the page. The popup login box has been removed so you can now login either by clicking on the application you wish to use, or using the login button in the top right hand corner.

New Licences

New licences have come into force for two of our Digimap Collections: Ordnance Survey and Historic.  A change of licence requires every user to agree to new terms, therefore every registered user will be asked to do this the next time they try to access any data collection with a new licence. This is only required once, and only when the licences change.  You can read more about this on our blog here:

June 2016

Digimap Dataset Updates

A number of datasets were updated in June 2016, all in the Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection. As well as updates to the 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 Colour Raster products (which are the digital versions of the ever popular Explorer and Landranger paper map series), this month the relatively new OS Open Rivers dataset has been updated. This is the first update to the dataset which was first released in March 2015. Users should note that this dataset is still a Beta version, so changes to the specification and/or delivery method are still possible. More details

The May 2016 1:50,000 Scale Gazetteer update will be the last as Ordnance Survey have announced that they are retiring this product though it will remain available for download in this final version. Alternative product is OS Open Names

December 2015

Withdrawal of "Old Historic Downloader" Inferface on Historic Digimap

Historic Digimap has been operating with a new data download facility for some time now.  The previous application, labelled "Old Historic Downloader" in the Digimap interface, will be withdrawn on Friday 11th December 2015.  It will no longer be available after this date.

Data orders requested from the "Old Historic Downloader" will not be available to view under My Previous Downloads in the new Historic Download application.  The new application offers exactly the same data as the old version so any data ordered from the old application can still be requested again using the new application.

February 2015

New Registration System for Digimap

The new system was successfully implemented and is now operational.  Should you encounter any problems please do contact EDINA on to report them.

The new registration system will allow users to register and instantly access Digimap Collections via email verification.  This has speeded up access for new users significantly. However, it is still recommended that student are encouraged to register in advance of any practical classes.

January 2015

New Registration System Implementation for Digimap

This required a period of downtime that was scheduled from 4pm Monday 26th until 9am on Wednesday 28th January.

New registrations for Digimap (using the current system) closed from 4pm Monday 26th January.
Digimap was unavailable all day on Tuesday 27th January, while the new system was put in place.

The new registration system will allow users to register and instantly access Digimap Collections via email verification, speeding up access for new users significantly. We hope that this much improved interface for registering will help make up for new users being prevented from registering during the release period.

December 2014

MasterMap in New Formats:

EDINA have made improvements to the Data Download service and as a result you can now order OS MasterMap Topography Layer in formats ready for use in GIS or CAD software rather than having to convert the data first. The Basket in Data Download has also been updated to make it more obvious how you can do this. The data is available directly in DWG format for CAD software and File Geodatabase for ArcGIS and QGIS, see the following blog posts for more information:

GIS Resources:

EDINA is moving all of its GIS help into a single area, rather than having it spread across the help pages of each collection. The information has been updated and is already more extensive than ever. By being in this single location it will be easier to maintain and easier for you to find: Digimap Resource Centre: GIS


Check out new training course materials from Digimap Resources Centre: Training

For latest news

Check out Digimap Blog

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What is Digimap?

Digimap is a collection of services provided through EDINA, that allows registered users to view and create maps of any location in Great Britain using map data. Users can also download map data for use in other software packages, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), drawing software and CAD.

The University of Southampton subscribes to the following collections:

  • Ordnance Survey (current mapping)
    • full range of topographic Ordnance Survey data
  • Historic
    • historical Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain
  • Geology 
    • a wide range of geological map data from the British Geological Survey
  • Marine - 
    • raster nautical charts are derived from UK Hydrographic Office paper charts and chart panels 
    • Marine Themes vector data covers all UK waters and is a feature rich dataset derived from authoritative material obtained from the UK Hydrographic Offices, as well as comprehensive source data where available
  • Environment
    • access to Land Cover data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
    • Dudley Stamp’s maps of the 1930’s Land Utilisation Survey of Britain

We currently have access to Global Digimap a new service in development with you the users!

  • access to global datasets in cartographic styles and downloadable formats that are useful to you

Registration is required to use the Ordnance Survey® and Environment Digimap collections.  Although registration is verified immediately via email it is recommended that registration is completed prior to any practical teaching session.  Once registered you will be able to use your University login.  Historic Digimap does not require this additional registration and can be used immediately.

Why do I need to register?

Registration is required by the providers of the information to make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions on the use of their data.  The service is provided for educational use only.  Other types of use will require permission to be sought from the data provider, for example Ordnance Survey.

For full details of the licenses go to Digimap Help - Licence Agreements.

How do I register?

To register you must:

  • Go to the webpage for Digimap and Login with your University username and password.
  • If you are not already registered you will be automatically re-directed to the registration pages.
  • You may be presented with the Enter Details page which you should complete with your information.
    • please complete ALL required fields marked with a *
    • use a contact email address that you use regularly and have easy access as this will be used to send the verification link.
  • Submit
  • Check that the details on the summary screen are correct, especially your email address.  Edit if not.  Tick to subscribe to the email lists as appropriate.
  • Submit
  • An email will be sent to your account almost immediately.  Go to your email account.  You account is activated after you have clicked on the link in the email.  The link will remain active for 7 days.  If you do not receive the email 
    • check your spam folder
    • return to Digimap and login, click on the popup window to request email is resent.
  • You will receive a confirmation message in your default web browser

Agreeing to Digimap licences

  • Login to Digimap
  • Select the collection you are interested in
  • Read and accept if you are able to agree to the terms of use for the collection. A printer friendly version of the licence is available.
  • Repeat for other collections.

Important note: Staff and students based at overseas campuses or on exchange overseas for a period equivalent to one academic term or longer are not eligible to use the Ordnance Survey Digimap collection, except for any period spent studying studying in or on return to the UK.

Further guidance on registration is available from

Support and Training

Site representatives providing support for Digimap at the University of Southampton:

  • Clare Hemmings, Hartley Library
    Tel: +44(0)23 8059 2914 (external), 22914 (internal)
  • Dorothy Byatt, Hartley Library
    Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 3891 (external), 23891 (internal)
  • Email: 

If one site representative is unavailable, then please contact the other person or use the email address above.

All computing and printing problems should be direct to iSolutions via Serviceline: 

Training on GIS packages e.g. MapInfo or ArcView can be arranged with the Geodata Institute.

Available from the Digimap website are tutorials, frequently asked questions and other resources to help you discover how to use Digimap. University training sessions for groups can be arranged - please contact one of the site representatives to discuss your requirements.

DIGIMAP-FORUM is an email discussion forum to support all users of the EDINA Digimap service.

Digimap hints and tips advice on downloading, and other useful information.

GIS and CAD software, Arc View and ArcGIS is available through iSolutions public workstations. iSolutions supports several other Graphics Packages such as CorelDraw which may also be suitable to use with Digimap.