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Academic writing is one of the most important skills to master for success in higher education. Strong writing also helps create success after higher education, too. Good academic writing refines and focuses the writer's ideas through research and interrogation, then clearly states and properly supports those ideas with effective argumentation and adequate evidence. Achieving a clear, well-argued text requires the development of numerous sub-skills.

On these pages, we offer THINGS YOU CAN DO in order to improve whatever text you are currently working on. You can click our factsheets to help to support your development as a writer.

Academic writing overview ​(pdf): In this guide we give the 6 C's of good writing. 

Writing process ​(pdf): writing a better text often requires a better writing process. 

Writing levels (pdf): use this guide to see a clear path to improving your writing.

Writing critically (pdf): become a master of analysis. 

These exercises are meant to help develop new strategies and concepts for successful academic writing tasks, but they are not intended to contradict the advice of your supervisors or tutors. If you have any questions or comments, please email

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Academic Writing FAQs

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Framework for an Argumentative Essay
Guidelines for Using Harvard Referencing System

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Planning and Structuring FAQs


Priority Organizer


Reading Effectively FAQs


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Selecting Your Reading


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