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Writers make many choices whether they realise it or not. These choices--about punctuation, word choice, sentence length, paragraph length, specific evidence, topic organisation, conclusions, et cetera--require a knowledge of expectations depending on the audience and disciplinary context. We want your choices to be well informed.  

Use our factsheets under "related resources" to navigate different tasks throughout your academic career. They do not offer a comprehensive view of all writing tasks (that would probably be impossible), but we intend to continue adding more and more.

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Related resources:

Academic essays guide (PDF): Will give you a broad understanding of academic style.

Philosophy short guide and sample essays (PDF): Read some top tips and see annotations to improve your work.

Dissertation guide (PDF): Will help you with the very complex dissertation.

Lab reports :Overview (PDF), Process (PDF) and Structure (PDF): Will give you a science specific look at writing.

Literature reviews (PDF): Tips to write a clearer literature review.

Reflective writing guide (PDF): Will highlight some distinctions between reflective and more impersonal writing.



University of Richmond writing in the disciplines collection

University of Bradford science writing guides

Harvard writing in the disciplines 

Skills You Need Dissertation Guide collection of resources on dissertations

University of Toronto writing guides organised by task


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​Writing For Different Subjects FAQs


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