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Students based at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM): Books

This guide is for University of Southampton students studying at SIM.

Before you start

To access ebooks, ejournals and other online resources, you must begin by connecting to Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE).

You can connect to SVE from SIM, at home or from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Scanned Book Chapters

The Library scans some readings, including book chapters and journal articles, where they are not conveniently available to you online. 

You can access these by connecting to SVE and logging in to  WebCat.  Please follow the instructions below.

Books not at Southampton or SIM

If you need a book, article or other item that is not available either at Southampton or SIM, you can try requesting it by Inter-Library Loan (ILL).

Important: whole publications (e.g. books, journal volumes) will be posted to you free of charge but you will have pay the cost of returning them to Southampton.  (Also note that, some libraries will not allow us to post publications overseas.)

Journal articles, book chapters and other extracts are usually provided as PDF files.

You can have up to 5 free ILLs per academic year.


Southampton has access to 1000s of ebooks.  You can find ebooks by searching WebCat

WebCat is the Library Catalogue.  It lists the books, ebooks, journals, DVDs, CDs, software and other resources held at the University of Southampton Library. 

Use this guide to help you.


You will also find ebooks on DelphiS.

DelphiS searches WebCat and many of the Library's literature databases simultaneously.  You will also find many journal articles, conference papers, reports and other resources that are not available via WebCat.


Textbooks and books from your reading lists are provided at the Tay Eng Soon Library, SIM.  However, when you are doing independent research (especially your dissertation) you may find that Southampton has books that are not available at SIM.  Unfortunately, we cannot send you whole books but we can often scan chapters of books for you.

Find books - you can search for books on WebCat

Request a book chapter - you can request up to 5% or one chapter of a book using WebCat:

  • Login to WebCat using your Southampton username and password
  • Select Requests & Document Supply
  • Select Request something from our collections
  • Enter as much information about the book and chapter as possible



More Help

For help, please ask at the Tay Eng Soon Library, SIM.

Tel: (65) 6248 9601

Follow @UniSotonLibrary