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What is MediaPlus?

MediaPlus delivers more than 100,000 videos, images and sound recordings from major providers such as ITN, Getty Images and Wellcome Library. The content was licensed by Jisc on behalf of the education community to support teaching and learning.

The material is made up by a number of collections spanning the 19th and 20th Century including still images, moving images and sound recordings across a variety of subject areas including the humanities, creative and performing arts and communication and media studies. This material is copyright cleared for educational use.

Collections include news, film, image and music content from high profile providers such as ITN, Getty images and Wellcome Library images and sound. MediaPlus includes all footage that was digitised as part of the Jisc-funded Newsfilm Online project, Film & Sound Online and the Digital Images for Education archives.

With MediaPlus you can:

  • Cross-search your other Alexander Street films, documentaries, newsreels, performances and text collections, all on the same platform.
  • Gain unlimited access to our media upload service (‘Video Commons’) to upload your own video, audio or text content.
  • Track enhanced user-engagement metrics to understand how academics are using video and to gauge student satisfaction.

Teachers TV from Education in Video is offered free of charge to MediaPlus subscribers. It provides access to all 3,816 globally-acclaimed instructional videos produced by the United Kingdom's Department of Education to train and develop teachers' skills through demonstrations and commentary by teachers, administrators, and other educational experts.