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UK-wide service replacing COPAC

Request_Resources_for_teaching image.If you currently use Copac and SUNCAT, could you contact cataloguing so that we can work with our Library Systems manager to ensure that the switchover period is as smooth as possible.

Jisc ‘Library Hub’ is replacing COPAC and SUNCAT

From July 31st , Copac and SUNCAT will be replaced by new Library Hub services based on the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK) records. The Library Hub Discover service replaces Copac and SUNCAT for searching the print and digital holdings of UK libraries and the new Library Hub Cataloguing service replaces the RLUK cataloguing port for downloading bibliographic records. Library Hub Compare service will be online shortly.

Jisc says that the three new services will “represent a new generation of bibliographic data services that build on the value that Copac and SUNCAT have delivered to the community for 20 years … [and] will deliver new levels of scale, flexibility and opportunity”.