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Audiology: Databases

Key Databases

Working Off-Campus

Very few of our resources are freely available to any web user. If you're at home, you'll need to use VPN (Virtual Private Network), which lets you open things as if you are on campus.

The University's VPN is called Global Protect. You can find instructions on using Global Protect here.

Alternatively, some resources may have an "institutional" or "Shibboleth" login option. Use this and log in with your University username and password.

CINAHL Subject heading Searching

CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature) subject headings are assigned to each record to describe the content of the article. The subject headings are descriptive terms added by the database creators to describe the content of articles in a consistent, standardised vocabulary; regardless of the terminology used by the original authors.

Link to CINAHL

The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library (named after Dr Archie Cochrane) is a collection of databases in medicine and other healthcare specialties provided by the Cochrane Collaboration and other organizations. At its core is the collection of Cochrane Reviews, a database of systematic reviews and meta-analyses which summarize and interpret the results of medical research.


Medline - Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) Searching

Using MeSH provides a consistent way to retrieve information where different terms or spellings are used by authors for the same concept and works in a similar way to Subject Heading Searching on CINAHL.

Link to Medline

Web of Science Citation Searching

Unlike most other databases, the cited reference list of each article is included in all Web of Science records, and this enables a number of valuable and unique search functions associated with the linkage between citing and cited articles.

Link to Web of Science

Supplementary Databases