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Academic writing is one of the most important skills to master at university. Good academic writing refines and focuses the writer's ideas through research and interrogation, then clearly states and properly supports those ideas with effective argumentation and adequate evidence. Achieving a clear, well-argued text requires the development of numerous sub-skills. Have a look at the factsheets in the "related resources" box on this page.

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Related resources:

Introduction to academic writing (PDF): Get started with the 6Cs of good academic writing.

Writing process (PDF): Refine your writing process.

Writing layers (PDF): Use a layered approach when editing your writing.

Writing critically (PDF): Become a master of analysis.

Academic Phrasebank by University of Manchester.  

English for Uni by The University of Adelaide. 

Writing Handouts by Queen's University. 

Writing Handouts by University of North Carolina. 

General Writing Resources by Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

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Academic Keywords in Titles

Academic Writing FAQs

Critical and Analytical Thinking
Framework for an Argumentative Essay
Guidelines for Using Harvard Referencing System

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Plagiarism FAQs


Planning and Structuring FAQs


Priority Organizer


Reading Effectively FAQs


Referencing FAQs


Selecting Your Reading


Working Backwards from Deadlines