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Laptop Loans: User declaration

I agree:

  • To return the laptop in a fit, clean, usable condition by the due date/time to the site from which it was borrowed; 
  • My Library Account may be blocked if I fail to return the laptop by the due date/time and that the return is not complete until the cable is attached to the laptop in the locker; 
  • The laptop is for my own personal use, I am not borrowing it on behalf of anyone else, and it will not be used for work which is not educational or personal in nature; 
  • To always save files to a removable or cloud storage service and understand that any files saved directly to the laptop will be automatically deleted when the laptop is shutdown or re-booted. 
  • No third party software will be downloaded or installed onto the laptop. 
  • The University is not responsible for any damage to peripheral equipment or data storage device I connect to the laptop, or loss of data caused by software, hardware, battery failure or computer viruses and that I will remove any devices before returning the laptop to the locker. 
  • To report any issues, faults or damage to the Library Help Desk as soon as possible.