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Teach Yourself Maths: Maths and Stats

The Academic Skills Service offers support and guidance to all students at the University of Southampton on a variety of mathematical topics, including key concepts, maths confidence, exam prep, application of theory, and more. Please explore the suite of resources below to get started.

Still have questions? No worries! You can also attend a drop-in event or send us an online form for tailored support.

Decimals    Exponential and logarithm functionsFactorising quadraticsFractions - adding and subtractingFractions - multiplyingFunctionsIndicesIntegration by parts  Integration by substitutionInverse functionsLogarithmsMathematical languageMaxima and minimaPartial fractionsRatioRules of arithmeticSigma notationSimultaneous equationsSolving equationsStraight-line equationsSurds