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Migrating Data from LexisLibrary to Lexis+

A small number of users may have data from LexisLibrary they wish to transfer over, such data would include Alerts, Saved Searches, and Bookshelf Sources.

If you would like your data to be migrated to Lexis+ please head to the following microsite that will enable this: (access the link in incognito/InPrivate browser of your choice).

Due to the way Federated access works Lexis are unable to automatically migrate your data, as they are unable to uniquely identify a user between both platforms (a different EduPersonTargettedID is sent for the same user to Lexis+ versus LexisLibrary ).

Users who follow this link will have their data migrated within 3 working days. Your alerts will be kept running on LexisLibrary until the end of November to allow time to undertake this process (once your data is migrated the old Alerts stop).

Users who visit LexisLibrary via IP or EzProxy after the upgrade no longer have access to the product from Sep 12, 2022.