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Library Exhibitions and Events: Lost in Transit

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Lost in Transit: Finding Gendered Journeys Through Art and Technology

Lost in Transit exhibition poster


An interdisciplinary working group of researchers called Close the Data Gap (CtDG)

On display from

Monday 7th August 2023 - Thursday 31st August 2023


Level 4 Gallery in Hartley Library

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We are an interdisciplinary working group of researchers called Close the Data Gap (CtDG) Our focus is to create a fairer world by being good role models, raising awareness, and providing guidance and training on how to close the gender data gap in transportation research. Recently our work has spread to also share the importance of gender equity as part of all research activities across engineering, with the provision of training to the wider university community. Our work includes using a gendered lens when collecting data through both traditional and web-based sources such as social media and analysing in a way that amplifies the voices of marginalised groups. Part of our work aims to ‘spread the word’ of gender equality. We have done this through publications and internal training as well as social media and website presence (@closethedtagap). We believe the arts are an important advocacy tool that can bring our work to a broader audience, raising awareness and highlighting the gendered issues of safety & mobility as we strive towards an equitable future.  

To promote the power of web science in informing different gendered experience relating to transportation and mobility and showcase the importance of gender equity in terms of ‘perceived safety’, we propose a community exhibition of visual arts facilitated by web science. The exhibition will be organised by members of Close the Data Gap and will be open to artworks from the university, and wider community as well as feature work by members of the working group.  

The exhibition will encourage conversations and stories about gendered experiences of safety when traveling in daily life. Find out more at the Lost In Transit Art website


Private View Tuesday 15th August 6-8 pm by invite only