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Maths & Statistics Support Service



We offer support and guidance to all students at the University of Southampton on a variety of mathematical and statistical topics.

Activities available include one-to-one tutorials, workshops, drop-in forum and a range of resources.

I need help with:

Guidance with a specific project

Confidence in my ability

I don't know where to start


One-to-one booking

Appointments are available to support you with any mathematics or statistics elements of your course.

Tutorials are conducted via video chat using Microsoft Teams. Everything you need to know about how this works and what to do is provided in your confirmation email when you book. 

Maths & statistics support is for all University of Southampton students. In the interest of fairness, we ask that everyone adheres to the following: 

  • Please only book one appointment at a time – further appointments can be discussed after your session 

  • No longer able to attend or need to change the day/time? Please cancel your appointment as early as possible – the cancellation link can be found in your email confirming your appointment 

We will need to know:

  • Your overall objective
  • The work you have completed so far
  • Your data
  • Any resources that you have already used


Contact us

We recommend that you email with any short mathematical or statistical queries. We may be able to help you via email or we can arrange a 30-minute meeting to talk through the problem.

We will need to know:

  • The problem you are working on
  • What you have attempted so far to solve it
  • Any resources that you have already used
Get in touch at 
Images used: shutterstock_300116720. Image edited by Southampton University library.