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University Collection, Special Collections, Hartley Library: University History Blogs

University History Blogs from Special Collections

These Special Collections blogs highlight material from University Collection and from the University Archives.

  Charlotte Chamberlain

undefined  Development of the University Library

undefined  Early History of the University of Southampton's Highfield Campus​ 

  Eleanor Aubrey

undefined  Gertrude Long Collection (University War Hospital)

undefined  Happy Birthday Nuffield Theatre!!

  Hartley Institution and Hartley College, 1862-1902

  Hartley University College, 1902-1913

  Henry Robinson Hartley, the "Hartley Bequest" and the Opening of the Hartley Institution

undefined  Highfield Campus 100: 1919

undefined  Highfield Campus 100: 1920s

undefined  Highfield Campus 100: 1930s

undefined​  Highfield Campus 100: 1940s

undefined​  Highfield Campus 100: 1950s

undefined​  Highfield Campus 100: 1960s

undefined​  Highfield Campus 100: 1970s

undefined​  Highfield Campus 100: 1980-2000

undefined​  Highfield Campus 100: the 21st Century

undefined  Jazz Club at the University of Southampton

  Life as a University of Southampton student in the late 1950s-early 1960s

undefined  A New Term a New VC

undefined  A New University for a New Reign

undefined  Opening of the Hartley Institution, Wednesday 15 October 1862

  Remembering the 1980s

undefined  Rowing Against the Tide: Boat Clubs at the University of Southampton

undefined  A Royal Occasion

  The Southampton Fifth

  Southampton University Officers Training Corps

  Student Societies Guest Stars: the Athletics and Cross-Country Club

undefined  SUSU Sport - Making History

undefined  Student Publications

undefined  They Came from Near and Far to Do Their Patriotic Duty: Staffing the University War Hospital 

undefined  Tour of the Exhibition 'Music Hath Charms': the Musical Life of the University

undefined  University Balls and Dances

undefined  University Developments Through Time: Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?

undefined  University Developments Through Time: Rag  

undefined  University Developments Through Time: Shaping the University Grounds in Peace and War 1920-1948

undefined  University Developments Through Time: Sports Facilities

undefined  University Developments Through Time: the Hartley Institution Museum Collections

  University Open Days