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Business, Accounting, Finance, Management & Marketing: Books

How are the Books Arranged

The Hartley Library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme for most subjects.  The books are arranged by codes called 'call numbers'.  Here are some of the most important call numbers.

Call Number     Subject     
HD Management, Economics
HF Marketing, HRM, Accounting
HG Finance
HJ Public Finance

Floor Plan

Most of the books with call numbers beginning with H are on level 3 of the Hartley Library.

If a book is 'short loan' it will be in the Course Collection on level 2. 

Call Numbers Explained

When you find a book on the catalogue, you will see a call number or code that tells you where the item is shelved.

Most call numbers begin with a letter (or letters), that relates to a subject.  Numbers placed after the letters represent more specific areas within the broad subject.  The last 3 letters are the first letters of the author's surname, e.g.

HF 5410 JON – Marketing

HG 8011 SMI - Insurance

Books are arranged first in alphabetical order of call number, then numerically, e.g. HD 99 comes before HD 100.

The library touch screens and floor plans will show you where items with particular call numbers are stored.

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