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Hartley Library: 24/7 Opening

24/7 Opening at Hartley Library

Image of Hartley Library at dusk

24/7 opening will resume in November 2017



Full details of opening hours for all libraries can be found here

Study Space and Workstations

Help and Enquiry Services During 24/7 Opening

During the 24/7 period the library will offer a normal help and enquiry service. Details of these are available here. Outside of these times the library will be staffed by a security team. Issue and return of items will be available from the self-issue/self-return machines at all times.

After 10pm the outer doors transfer to card entry and you must have a student card to access the building.

Group Study Room Bookings

The group study rooms remain open during 24/7 and you can book these using the online booking system in the normal way.

Computer Workstations:

Computer Workstations are located across the library with the main computer rooms based on Level 2. You can check availability using the iSolutions Workstation Availability Online Tool

If you are leaving your computer for more than 30 minutes please log off to allow someone else to use it. All workstations in the library will restart if left dormant for a prolonged period.

Desk Availability

Please be considerate of other users by taking your belongings with you so that others can use the desk or workstation. Due to the risk of theft we do not recommend you leave personal belongings unattended at any time.

Library policy states that you must take all your belongings and books with you if you are leaving your desk or computer for more than 30 minutes.

Staff will be regularly clearing library books from unoccupied desks so please do not leave books unattended.

Safety and Security

Image of an open laptopGetting Home Safely

If you are planning on leaving the library late at night please be mindful of your personal safety and remember to  plan your journey home.

Security staff in the Hartley Library will be happy to book a taxi for you. Just go to the Level 2 desk and ask.  If you've forgotten your cash and need to take advantage of the Student Taxi Scheme, which will get you home safely using your student card as a deposit, you can find out more about it on the SUSU Safety page 

Your Belongings

Please do not leave your belongings unattended in the library, especially high value items such as phones, laptops and tablets. The security team will make regular patrols of the building overnight but it is your responsibility to ensure your belongings are safe.

You must take all your belongings and books with you if you are leaving your desk for more than 30 minutes.

Working Alone

Hartley is a big space and you may feel uncomfortable working alone without people near by, especially in the more remote parts of the building. The security guards will make regular patrols but if you are nervous you may wish to work in one of the areas closer to the Level 2 desk, such as the Course Collection area or foyer. If needed you can  borrow a  a panic alarm from the Level 2 desk.

In Case of Emergency

Security guards are located in the library building overnight and regularly patrol the building. Please report any problems to them on the Level 2 desk.

In addition the university security team at Highfield is available 24 hours a day. They can be contacted directly on 023 8059 2811 (Int: 22811) Emergency phones are located across the floors at the Fire Refuge Points.

Keeping Hartley Clean

Image of library food and drink guideDuring 24/7 opening cleaning in Hartley takes place every day with the primary team working between 5am and 8am. Hoovering will take place 10pm - 12 midnight and 5am - 8am so please bear this in mind if you plan to be in the library at these times.

Bin emptying, urgent cleaning and toilet checks take place throughout the day. Help us keep the library clean and tidy by placing your rubbish in the bins provided and only eating and drinking in the dedicated areas. You can report any problems that you think need attention to the Level 2 desk.

Food and Drink

Only bottled water is allowed on Level 4 and 5 but you are welcome to consume cold food and covered drinks on other floors.  Please remember that no hot food is allowed in the library at all, including hot snacks purchased from the library cafe. Any hot food must be eaten in the library cafe area or taken outside the library.

Water fountains are available on Levels 2 and 4.

Vending machines, including hot drinks machines, are available next to the Library Cafe on Level 2.

Advice and Wellbeing

Take a Break

24/7 opening provides increased flexibility and study options for users of Hartley Library and has been provided in response to feedback from students. Many people prefer to study either very late or very early but when using the  library overnight or for prolonged periods please make sure you take regular breaks.  Just because the library is open 24/7 doesn't mean you should be studying all night long. Whether you go to the gym, go for a walk or just take time to have coffee with friends make sure you take a break.

Getting Help and Support

Southampton Academic Skills Hub (SASH)

The Southampton Academic Skills Hub offers advice and support on academic skills, including exam techniques and revision.  SASH is available for drop in appointments 10am - 12 and 2pm - 4pm Monday-Friday at their base on Hartley Level 2. Alternatively visit their webpage for a range of resources and information.

Enabling Services Workshops

Enabling Services run a series of study and wellbeing workshops that are open to all students. Visit their events page for the full list:

Stressed? Worried?

In some cases you may just need someone to talk to or an excuse to take some time out from study. There are a number of services available to you if you are worried about your course or studies, are struggling to cope, or just want to have a friendly chat. Some, including the Nightline and Peer Support Network, are run by SUSU while the University Enabling Services team also offer crisis support and help for when your need is more urgent.

Help and Support Services by SUSU:

Enabling Services Website:

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