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Medicine: Books

This guide is designed for everyone - from new students to research staff - in the Faculty of Medicine, and anyone else who needs to use medical information resources.

Call Numbers Explained

When you enter the details of the item that you want on the catalogue it will display a call number or code that tells you where the item is shelved.

The call number will usually look something like these examples:

TK 2380.45 GAR 

306.47 GEL 

B OCEAN (Physical) Kna 

Although the codes look different, they work in much the same way: the combinations of letters and numbers gives a location based on the subject content of the item. The items are arranged on the shelves using the call numbers.

The library floor plan will show you where items with particular call numbers are stored.

Thieme E-Book Collection

The Thieme E-Book Library is an online collection of full-colour illustrated downloadable textbooks from Thieme’s Color Atlases and Flexibook series. Available at:

Mobile download instructions can be found at:

New Books for Medicine

Key Locations

The University Library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme for subjects other than Education. Key locations for titles of interest to Medical students are listed here. 

Subject Call Number Subject Call Number Subject Call Number
Anatomy QS 1 - 132 Gastrointestinal System WI Nervous System WL
Bacteriology QW Genetics QZ 50 Nutrition QU 145
Blood and Lymphatic System WH Genitourinary System WJ Obstetrics WQ
Cardiovascular  System WG Geriatrics WT Paediatrics WS
Clinical Pathology QY Gynaecology WP Pathology QZ
Communicable Diseases WC Histology QS 504 - 532.5 Physiology QT
Dermatology WR Immunology QW 501 - 949 Psychiatry WM
Ear Nose and Throat WV Medicine, Practice of WB Public Health WA
Embryology QS 604 - 679 Metabolic Diseases WD 200 Respiratory System WF
Endocrine System WK Musculoskeletal System WE Surgery WO

Floor Plans

Your books are located at the Health Services Library at Southampton General Hospital and level 3 of the Hartley Library.

Print journals are held at both libraries and can be found on level 1 at Hartley Library.

Cannot Find What You Are Looking For?

  • Is the book out on loan? - Place a hold
  • Is the book at another library site? - Place a hold
  • Is the book not held by the library at all? - Use the Inter library loan service to borrow it from another library
  • Recommend a book? - Contact your Academic Engagement Librarian if you would like to recommend a book we should buy for the library.

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