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Medicine: OpenAthens

This guide is designed for everyone - from new students to research staff - in the Faculty of Medicine, and anyone else who needs to use medical information resources.

What Is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is a username and password system. It's used by NHS staff to access online library resources such as e-journals, databases, e-books and BMJ Best Practice.

Can I Access Every OpenAthens Resource?

No. Just because you see an "OpenAthens login" option, doesn't mean you can access it - we need to be a subscriber to that resource.

Can I Use My OpenAthens Account On Placement?

Yes, one of reasons we register you is that you can use this account to access NHS resources at any of your placement locations.

Whilst on placement you are eligible to register for a separate OpenAthens account at that Trust for the duration of your placement. This will give you access to that Trust's resources in addition to the standard resources our account gives you. However, as placements are relatively short we generally recommend that you stick with using the account we give you, unless there are good reasons to get a second account from your placement library.

What Resources Can I Access With OpenAthens?

BMJ Best Practice

Want evidence-based overviews of thousands of clinical topics? You need BMJ Best Practice. Available as a website or mobile app, it's a great source of reliable information throughout your studies and into practice.

e-Learning for Healthcare

200+ online courses, developed by Health Education England and used throughout the NHS.

NHS Journals

There are a few additional journals that you can access through your OpenAthens account that are not available from the University. Log in, then check specific journal titles: NHS national e-journals list.

Full List

This is a full list of OpenAthens resources that you can access.

Can I Keep My Account When I Start Work in the NHS?

The account we create for you is a specific "student" account - it will work throughout your studies, and at every placement. However, once you graduate you'll need to register a personal OpenAthens account that you will then be able to take with you to whichever NHS Trusts you work in.