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Medicine: Placement Libraries

This guide is designed for everyone - from new students to research staff - in the Faculty of Medicine, and anyone else who needs to use medical information resources.


Final Year students go out on placement for extended periods. Wherever you're based, you should have some support from your local NHS library, with books and online access. Your NHS OpenAthens account will come in handy, and don't forget that the University Library remains your primary resource for access to journal articles, databases and the like.

What Library Support Is Available On Placement?

Your placement library should enable you to:

  • Register with them so that you can borrow books
  • Study in a suitable environment
  • Have access to the Internet

They may also be able to:

  • Register you for a temporary NHS OpenAthens account for their specific Trust
  • Provide basic training and support on how to access resources (if you need detailed help, we would still expect you to speak to us - we can provide help via Skype if needs be)

Where Can I Find Information About My Placement Library?

You will find information about every NHS library on the HLISD website. Each entry will give you contact details and a link to their website (e.g. this is our HLISD entry).

The Library At My Placement Doesn't Have The Books I Need

We give each placement library a list of your recommended books, however it is possible that either you have a book on your reading list that we are unaware of, or you are visiting a placement location that we were unaware of. Either way, please give us details of the books you need, and your placement location - we will liaise with the library to get the books you need into stock.

Can I Get A Local NHS OpenAthens Account Whilst On Placement?

You can register for a Trust-specific OpenAthens account, but be aware that this will be valid only for the period of your placement. When you move to a new Trust, you would need to register for a new Trust-specific OpenAthens account.

With a Trust-specific account you will get access to that Trust's online resources - whereas your University account will give you access to just the nationally provided "core content". But remember that you still have access to the huge range of databases and journals available via the University Library.

How Do I Get a University OpenAthens Account?

We should have registered you for an account already, but if in doubt then please email us and we'll check for you.

Your University OpenAthens account will stay with you throughout your time as a medical student, and you can use it in whichever Trust you are on placement with.

I Have A University OpenAthens Account - But I've Forgotten My Login Details!

You can try resetting your password - but if that doesn't work, please email us and we will get your account back up and running.

NHS Knowledge and Library Hub Search

What does it search?

CINHAL, MEDLINE, BMJ Best Practice and other key datasets from EBSCO's Knowledge Base

How do I get access?

You won't need an account to search, but you will need an NHS OpenAthens account to save searches and get full-text access. Register here for an NHS OpenAthens account.

Searching: Health and Care Evidence, from Health Education England