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Library Orientation Programme 2018: Home


Welcome to the Library Orientation Programme

These activities will help you build and develop the essential skills you need to successfully use the key library resources that will support your studies.

You will:-

  • practice using the Library Search
  • guidance on preparing a search strategy to effectively find the best information for your assignments
  • understand how to evaluate the information that you discover
  • learn about library databases for Oceanography and Earth Science
  • try searching a database (Web of Science) to find information for the essay set by your tutor and email them to your tutor
  • discover how you can organise the references that you find
  • understand how to use information responsibly through careful use of citations and referencing by completing the Module in Skills4Study Campus.

Click on the Getting started section to begin.

If you have questions or need advice please contact: Karen Rolfe at


Please complete this short survey form to give us your feedback on the whole of the Library Orientation Programme.

The code to include on the online feedback form is: SOESUGLOP

Subject Guide

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