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Research Data Management: UoS Storage

Guidance and support to staff, researchers and students at the University of Southampton

University Provision

The University of Southampton (UoS) is a one of the top research Universities in the UK. As such the University recognises the importance of proper management of the digital assets produced in the pursuit of knowledge. In support of this, iSolutions provides a secure research data storage service to the research community.

The purpose of this enhanced provision is to store active research data.  It should be noted that research data should be deposited in an appropriate institutional repository, such as ePrints Soton, or disciplinary repository at the appropriate time after completion of the project. 

The University also provides a number of other services related to the storage of electronic data and, as this information is subject to significant change, an up-to-date view can be seen on the iSolutions Filestore pages.

Important note:  Personal Filestore (also known as My Documents) should not be used for research data. Talk to iSolutions if you require a secure storage location to store research data.

Enhanced Research Data Storage

The University through iSolutions provides a secure enterprise scale coherent storage solution that is apportioned amongst the research community. The data stored within this facility is regularly backed up and a copy of the back-up, regularly off-sited to a secure location for disaster recovery purposes.  The research data storage platform is solely for the storage of research data.

The allocation of this resource is a fixed baseline provision on a per Faculties basis.  Faculty allocations are based on the following;

  1. Faculty Research Income (66.7%)
  2. Number of Post-Graduate Research Students (8.3%)
  3. Number of Principal Investigators (25%)

Research data within the service will be retained in accordance with the University of Southampton Research Data Management Policy

 Table 1: Enhanced Research Data Storage - Current Baseline Provision for Faculties (last revised 2014/15)

Storage Allocation


Business and Law 60
Engineering and the Environment 260
Health Sciences 60
Humanities 100
Medicine 280
Natural and Environmental Sciences 200
Physical Sciences and Engineering 300
Social and Human Sciences 180

Where an appropriate management structure/ group exists within a Faculty, that group will authorise allocations of any proportion of the baseline provision. However where appropriate structures are not yet in place iSolutions via the Faculty Business Relationship Manager will be able to allocate up to 1 Tbyte of storage per valid request.  A valid request is a one that originates from an academic member of staff of the faculty.

Additional Research Storage Requirements

Faculties or individual academic members of staff who require allocations which cannot be satisfied by the baseline provision are able to purchase additional storage.

The research data storage can only be purchased in units of 1 Terabytes.  The current cost is £868.39 per Terabyte (correct July 2014).  This pricing is currently under review (September 2016).

Please contact your faculty Business Relationship Manager (BRM) for further information.

Process for requesting research data filestore

research file store request process

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