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Winchester School of Art Library: Artist in Residence

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Artist in Residence: Noriko Suzuki-Bosco

Our Artist in Residence is Noriko Suzuki-Bosco. Noriko's inter-disciplinary practice includes working with painting, drawing, printmaking, performance, applied craft and artist books. Noriko is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD study at Winchester School of Art where she is examining the interstice of libraries and social art 

One of the library-focused social art projects that Noriko is currently engaged in is the Library of Re-Claimed Books; a collection of altered ex-library books that started as an endeavour to give new lease of life to books that have lost their original use value.

As a social art project anyone can take part in it by altering an ex-library book. The altered books are catalogued, stamped, and uploaded on to the Library of Re-Claimed Books website. The current classifications are: Intervention (I), Boxed (B), Collage (C), Added/Affixed (A), and Folded (F).

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Find out more about the Library of Reclaimed books here.

Text and images used with kind permission from Noriko Suzuki-Boscoe.